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Thank you for attending the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia 'The Authentic Stage' conference. We have put together a collection of free speaking resources for you which can help you develop your skill as a speaker and help you grow your speaking business.

The Art of Public Speaking - Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein (eBook + Audiobook)

"Good communication can make everything easier. This eBook and audiobook by Dale Carnegie is as true and helpful today as when it was written almost a century ago. Listen, practice, and succeed! It's a "must listen" for anyone who feels they have something valuable to say, but is not quite sure how to go about saying it. Say the name "Dale Carnegie" and How to Win Friends and Influence People usually comes to mind. What is not as well known is that Carnegie was a professor of public speaking and that, over the years, this eBook and audiobook has been just as popular. Written with some assistance from Carnegie's colleague, J. Berg Esenwein, who wrote the preface and some of the “thought questions” at the end of chapters, the eBook and audiobook remains a valuable asset in classes on public speaking. Carnegie is a true teacher of inspiration. Listen to this audiobook or read the eook, and you will have your audiences spellbound soon after." ~

Download eBook HERE  |  Download audiobook HERE


Voices of Experience® by NSA (Podcast + Mobile App)

Voices of Experience® (VOE) is an audio magazine podcast in which top professional speakers share their experiences to bring speakers vital, up-to-date information on every facet of the speaking profession. VOE contains exciting interviews with successful speakers who share their experiences, strategies and secrets for building their brand and their bottom lines.

Listen to poscasts HERE   | Download mobile app HERE


Speaker Magazine by NSA (Online Magazine + Mobile App)

Speaker magazine brings you the latest and greatest news and trends in the speaking profession via content-rich features articles and columns with hard-hitting, hands-on information for building a speaking business. Created for professional speakers and those who aspire to a speaking career, app users will benefit from relevant information on topics like presentation skills, business operations, ethics, marketing, branding, social media and speaking internationally.

View the latest issue HERE   | Download mobile app HERE


TED Talks about Speaking (YouTube Playlist)

This playlist on YouTube is a curated list of TED and TEDx talks which focus on public and professional speaking. We have curated this list and will continue to add TED talks which we think will b of benefit to you as a speaker. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with speaking related video content.

Watch videos HERE


Speaking Blogs (Twitter Moment with Links)

Every day of the month of March 2018 we tweeted a link to speaking related blog whih we found had great content and would benefit public and professional speakers. If you missed these tweets, we have added all 31 links to the blogs into a Twitter Moment. If you have a Twitter profile, feel free to follow us and to retweet any of the blogs you find particularly helpful.

View Twitter Moment HERE


The Public Speaking Project (Virtual Tools)

The Public Speaking Project! This website offers an assortment of virtual tools to help users improve their public speaking skills. A variety of speech professionals who are dedicated to providing free and low cost instructional materials contributed their original work.

View virtual tools HERE





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