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In my year (2017/2018) as president of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia (PSAN),) I had the opportunity to discuss the need that a new association as ours has with our Global Speakers Federation (GSF) associated that joined us on the post conference break away. When asked what it is that they could do for PSAN my immediate response was we just want to be able to grow our capacity as professional speakers.

In response to this one of the PSAN friends in the group, Gaby Graupner, took the initiative and spoke to me and her German Speakers Association (GSA) colleagues about the possibility of partnering with PSAN for the purpose of growing our capacity and empowering us to possibly impacting other African associations that we hope to encourage to becoming members of the GSF.

These discussions resulted in an agreement that resulted in the following:

  • Some GSA members would contribute to PSAN financially and become “godfathers” that would cover the cost for some individual’s yearly membership and the entrance fees for the local PSAN conferences within that year.
  • Some GSA members would be prepared to act as Mentor/Coaches to handpicked PSAN members in order to grow their capacity and allow them to impact other speakers in the GSF family.

These benefits would require some commitments by the beneficiaries to ensure that the program does not create a dependency, but a growth for the individuals, PSAN and the GSF community.

The Vision

The vision of the PSAN Academy is to provide a platform for capacity growth that will have a compounding impact on the speaking community. We will achieve that by facilitating growth via financial and expertise investments within an empowering relationship amongst individuals that are passionate about professional speaking.

The Financial Support

As can be seen in the circular diagram the idea is that individuals will get financial support. This will enable them to be fully fledged PSAN members for a year. Within this year the individual will grow via the involvement in the association's chapter meetings as well as via the conferences. This growth should result in income growth for the individuals that should result in them being able to afford membership in the following year. Then the hope is that these individuals would go through the coaching and mentoring process and grow even more. This should result in them being prepared to sponsoring other aspiring speakers in future and keep the cycle of giving going.

Support 2

The following practical expectations designed to increase the growth, even more, are put to these individuals:

  • Involvement in PSAN in a supporting capacity
  • Introduction Letter to Sponsor to be drafted before any funds are released. The reason for this is not only transparency, but it should also be part of the personal branding and marketing of the individual within the year.
  • At least 1 Blog for the PSAN Website should be written in this year about their journey and their learning/growth
  • Supporting responsibility at the conference will be allocated to these individuals in some form
  • The Academy will also challenge them to grow the income via speaking in some way, this will be achieved via informal challenges posed to them throughout the year.

The Coaching/Mentoring Support

Within the coaching and mentoring support, it is hoped that the exposure that the beneficiaries of the program get will result in personal growth. This growth should result in the association growing and then individuals linked to the association or another GSF member association benefitting and growing their capacity.

Support 1

The expectation from the participants in this amazing opportunity would be the following:

  • Professionalism regarding time management and taking all possible precautions to ensure the stability of the connection as far as they have any impact on that.
  • At least 1 Blog on their learning every 3 months (4 in the year) should be written for the PSAN Website
  • At least 1 Chapter Meeting presentation within the year on the insights gained from the coaching/mentoring.
  • Commitment to coaching/mentoring an individual within any GSF member association in the following year.
  • The Dean of the Academy would also require brief written feedback on the progress via a brief 1 pager evaluation form.

I thank the friends of PSAN within the GSA that where prepared to invest in making this dream become a reality. We cannot wait to see how this investment will impact Namibia, Africa and the World.

Yours in Capacity Growth,
Siegfried Lange
Founding Dean of the PSAN Academy
Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia

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