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As a member of PSAN you will not only have access to a plethora of member benefits, but you will join an international community of professional speakers under the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). Being a PSAN member, you will have access to tailored resources and opportunities to develop your craft and skill along with establishing and growing your speaking business. You will also be inspired and motivated to walk the talk.

From young aspiring up and coming public speakers to seasoned professional speakers, the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia has a membership category suited for anyone wanting to take their speaking to the next level.

PSAN is also committed to grow and nurture the speaking industry in Namibia, further benefiting the association's members and thus helping to create the path for more speakers to build a career out of their skill and passion for public speaking.

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“90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.”
Somers White